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Ecology & Sustainability

We love our Mother Earth and know you do too. We encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle as well. Read more how we have taken into account ecology and sustainability:



People are the heart of everything we do and we want to have a positive influence on every person who works with us. We want to empower women in everything we do. We want our clothing to inspire women and boost their self-confidence, but we also want to strengthen women’s rights in this world.

All the products are handmade by real people. We do not accept child labor or human rights violations. We prefer to buy from European manufacturers. Workers have good and safe working conditions, the wages are higher and workers are well paid and they are doing hours that correspond to them in their employment contract.



We constantly seek new ways to use resources efficiently and reduce our climate footprint. We also do not accept violating of animal rights and we do not sell products containing fur, cashmere, mohair, or angora or products made of leather, down, or feathers unless these materials come from animals reared for meat production.

Our poly mailer bags are 100 % biodegradable and each item is packaged in a reusable bag (with a note where we encourage our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle) instead of regular plastic bag. It's cute and you can reuse it for example inside of your bag and put your small stuff inside of it. We have also moved our warehouse close to our largest customer base (Finland) so that most of the packages travel now on the roads and a short distances. To avoid unnecessary shippings, we present the exact dimensions for each of our products so that you can find the right sizes and we save our mother earth from unnecessary returning shippings. So please buy wisely so that we can minimize environmental effects from the deliveries.



We work only with suppliers who have signed that their products are safe and meets our requirements. The production is quality controlled.

We inform our customers about minimizing environmental effects and provide tips and advice on how they can ensure that their garments last longer. We recommend less frequent washing of garments and washing at a lower temperature (you can find right washing instructions from each product). It’s best to remove any stains on your garments immediately. Often, you don’t need to wash the entire garment – just treat the stain. You can also air your garments or use a laundry spray to freshen garments. Buy clothing that you know you will use frequently and for several years. Ensure that each garment can be matched and styled with other garments in your wardrobe. Garments that are purchased and cared for wisely have a longer life cycle.

Our collections are timeless and easily combined and styled differently. When you take a good care of our pieces, you can use it years or later recycle and give it for the next person to be re-loved. One piece can bring so much joy and confidence to many people! Thank you for helping us to save the planet.